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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AIBOC-AIBEA Wage Revision Chart for wage settlement of bank employees

AIBOC-AIBEA Wage Revision Chart for wage settlement of bank employees: Today’s Aibea talks have shown positive development with Aibea moving towards finalizing the Aibea Wage Revision Chart. The talked was held between five workmen unions and IBA and final understandings have been drafted. You can find the complete wage revision chart on the link given below.
For complete AIBEA Wage Revision Chart: Click Here
You can find details for both Clerical and Substaff Scales of Pay. Details on HRA has been updated and you can find the same on the above given link. The details on Transport Allowances has also been published on the same. You can also find details on Special Pays, Medical Aids, Hospitalisation Scheme and all types of other allowances.
The next AIBEA talks will be held on 7th April, 2010 where draft settlement will be taken up for finalization. The signing of the same is expected to be completed by mid April 2010.
More reports on the same coming soon.


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