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Friday, June 21, 2013

Uttarakhand is Destroyed about Eighty percent

Uttarakhand which was known for its beauty and Temples is now destroyed about 80 percent.Each and every thing is destroyed including hotels,temples,lakes,fountains etc.According to the police about fifty thousand people from all over India were affected.Most of the people were from Rajasthan. The level of river Ganga  is on its peak.Its first time when Ganga reaches its top level.

We have came across many families in Jaipur whom relatives are struggling with their lives there.Army persons are doing their work in rescuing them.Indian government and its politicians are just giving their statements rather helping them.

According to the Public Works Department (P.W.D) the condition of Uttarakhand is so critical and it will take one year for Uttarakhand to recover from this disaster.This disaster took lives of many people. People are so mad in believing god and praying god for their better life.People should now realize that when god is not able to protect themselves then how will he protect them.

If anyone of your friends or relatives are struggling in Uttarakhnad then please immediately contact us so that we can help them in any manner.


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