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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indian Government has politicians not leaders

Indian government has politicians not leaders.All the parties have corrupted politicians.All the MP's MLA's CM"s and ministers are involved in this vicious circle.This is the reason why poor people are becoming more poor and rich are becoming more rich.According to a survey conducted through RTI it was found that all these ministers have lots of illegal money and property.All the politicians do work for their own welfare not for common people.They start projects which benifits them.They do not lead their party as a leader.According to my experience ministers use government property for private purpose.They misuse government property.they should be punished for it.

A leader leads the party and listen the problems of common people.He do not ignore common people.He works for the welfare of public.But our corrupted politicians do not let him work.There is only a single men from all the parties named Sachin Pilot who works as a leader and doing well in his field.According to me these politicians should be removed from the party and the young generation should be given chance to excel.The corrupted politicians earn black money and names it as a part of system.If young generation will not be given chance and these politicians continues then Indian will remain underdeveloped country.

Ronak Mathur


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