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Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Unblock restricted websites on Internet?

Many of us wanted to know "how to unblock restricted websites on internet".Obviously this question arises when we want to access a particular website but that website is restricted in your college , company,organisation etc.Guys many of us are students and are addicted to social networking websites like Facebook.Suppose you are studying in college and in your college campus is restricted.So, at that time you will try all those things through which you can unblock Facebook.This post is for all the students who are making efforts to unblock restricted sites.

There are many methods through which you can unblock websites.I will provide you three to four methods for unblocking those sites.Methods are given below:

  • URL Shortening Method: URL shortening is the technique that allows users to access a particular webpage using its equivalent shortened address instead of the actual web address.Let us assume that is blocked by your college , then it is possible for the user to continue access it by shortening the URL with the help of any of the numerous URL shortening websites.Popular URL shortening websites include,, and the shortened URL is created then instead of typing in the browser, type the shortened URL and you will be able to access the restricted site.
  •  Special URL's Method: In this method special URL's are used instead of using actual URL's.A lot of times when is blocked by your network administrator , then it is possible to unblock it by typing in your browser.This will most likely show an SSL certificate error message,which you can ignore and continue to access your blocked website.
The above two methods are quite effective in unblocking the restricted websites.If these two methods does not work in unblocking the sites then you can contact us for some more methods.You can contact us at our email and mobile given below.

Mobile: +91-8233691255 


I am very thankful to you for sharing this information because I was very worried to open youtube at my school and during research I found I can open blocked social networking site even it is blocked Yahoo. I just click and wow Unblock youtube

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