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Monday, August 6, 2012

Which Engineering is better Computer Science or Mechanical

Here is another interesting post for the students who are a little bit confused in choosing their respective streams.There are various streams available for the students such as computer science,mechanical,electrical,civil,chemical and so on.Students are always worried in choosing their branch.They have many questions in their mind regarding placements,scope,interest.Students should not worry about these questions.They should choose branch in which he/she has interest.If you take interest in your respective branch then you will enjoy studying it and you will definitely score good marks which ultimately results in better placement opportunities.

Students should not compare themselves from others.Most of the students choose their streams seeing others.This results in low confidence,nervousness etc.If you will choose stream of your interest then you will always be happy in your life and always grow in future.But vice-versa of this statement will leads to limited growth,unhappiness etc.Suppose you have your interest in computer but due to pressure of others you chose  mechanical and you got job in mechanical field and earning a good amount of money.But in your whole life you will never be satisfactory with your job and will not grow more in future.

Through  this post I only want to give you advice that every stream is good if you have your own personal interest in it.Always remember this thing in your life that money matters in life but satisfaction with your job matters the most.


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