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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Delhi Gang Rape girl was freedom fighter

According to the experts the girl "Damini" was freedom fighter of the country.But here the freedom fighter was protesting for her safety from her country mates.It is very shame for us and our country that we cannot protect our daughters in a independent country.So the question is What's the use of  getting independence .
According to us ,Britishers are far better than Indians .At least they don't do such nonsense things.

Today I was shocked when I heard that the six people also tried to mow the girl and her friend down under the bus.As the Delhi Police is set to submit its charge sheet before the trial court on Thursday, more details of the horrific crime that has shaken the nation's conscience are tumbling out.

When we had discussed this whole case with the country then we had different opinions about giving punishment to the defaulters.Majority of the people wants that the defaulters should be treated so badly during their lifestyle.

We will also discuss more issues on this case.We are also giving our suggestions to the central government .
But for making the strict laws and actions ,we want your support.So please send us your valuable suggestions on our email so that we can try to make strict laws.You can also give your views by commenting on this post.


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