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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reasons for Children Misbehavior Vs Parents

Nowadays it is seen that parents treat their children just like a gadget.Since gadgets are the integral part of our lifestyle.Everyone of us are addicted towards gadgets and the condition has become so worst that even your child is asking something from you and you keep on texting in your mobile and you totally ignore him/her.
This leads to misbehavior in your child.When parents ask them something and the child ignores,then parents shout at them and tell them some irrelevant things in anger which they must not say.
They do not try to understand that they are only responsible for their child misbehavior.
Earlier parents ignored their child and now child has inherited this from them and he ignores them.

Parents need to understand that for the betterment of their child they need to be alert and does not do the things which affects children.

Reasons for the misbehavior of parents:

*Parents are not so mature for taking care of their child.
*Parents qualification is not up to the level for providing right guidance to child.
*They were not ready for the child but could not handle family pressure.
*Parents career path is still not set then how will they set child's career path.

Parents need to overcome or change their own behaviour for proving right direction to the child and provide him better guidance.The world is so competitive that without having right guidance from childhood it is impossible to survive in future.

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